CubeXPLOR Error!

CubeXPLOR: Cannot determine the capabilities of the Web Map Server (WMS) at
           "", raised in
           Wms_GetCapabilities() in file "client.c" line 137 (process 18094)
CubeXPLOR: The following error has been cached, raised in
           Cache_OpenFileForReading() in file "cw_cache.c" line 317 (process
CubeSERV: Error handling response of HTTP GET request to
          raised in CwHttpRequest_Finish() in file "cw_http.c" line 1141
          (process 10373)
CubeSERV: Remote host did not respond within required time period (socket
          timeout after 240 seconds), raised in CwSocket_Wait() in file
          "cw_socket.c" line 860 (process 10373)